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The SECRET to understanding others is to FIRST learn and understand your own BEHAVIOR STYLE – GET THE EDGE.

Arming yourself with this knowledge will put you way ahead in managing, negotiating, selling and generally dealing with others. In our competitive world, why not be armed ahead of ‘the game’ with the knowledge that allows you to to navigate those avenues that lead to success?  In every walk of life, we find ourselves communicating with, selling to, or carrying on negotiations leading to our goals…. from the most simple to the highly complicated.

Understanding yours and others BEHAVIOR STYLES or PATTERNS will give you the EDGE.


Do your personnel measure up? Is management really top level?

Do you have a winning sales team?

Creativity, Productivity, Profitability.

Discover the knowledge of using observable behavior patterns to:

Create a more productive work environment

  • Open doors to creativity and improved strategic thinking
  • alleviate conflict and stress
  • stop angry communication breakdowns
  • reduce new-hire training costs
  • increase sales, repeat customers & referrals, morale
  • … and so much more!

Guided by Certified Professional Behavior  Analysts, Jill Rosenthal and Seymour Englander, participants first gain insight to their own individual behavior pattern by facilitating the DISC Behavior  Assessment. Then, combining an individual leadership consulting session and/or group workshop, superior communication skills development is improved upon first individually and then outwardly as a group.

This enlightening program is a must for any self-employed person, corporate or family business. Don’t miss this opportunity to launch your workforce and yourself to achieve the highest monetary and personal goals!

Understanding your natural behavior patterns will give you the edge you need to succeed in today’s environment.

This is an uncomplicated and effortless program, you’ll be amazed at the powerful results.

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Santa Clarita logo“Thank you for the development program you provided for the City of Santa Clarita management and supervisor staff.  The Behavioral Skills test was very well received. Under your guidance and direction, we were able to make great strides in updating and enhancing our performance review process for supervisors and managers. The supervisory skill training was direct and relevant to our organizational needs.  The feedback I have received from our staff has been very positive. The program was both educational and enjoyable.”

Jenny Roney, Human Resources Manager, City of Santa Clarita.


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“By working with members of the executive staff I now have better managers and leaders within the company. Morale went up, productivity improved, the gross turnover increased and so did the net profit of the company. The ROI has been impressive.

Rick Kraemer, President, Executive Presentations, Los Angeles, CA.